Review: The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing by Ali Luke

When Ali Luke released her Staff Blogging Course in 2009, I was one of the first people to get it. I had just started staff blogging for someone and this course seemed exactly what I needed.

I found Ali’s course to be chock full of insider information that she could only have learned through her experience as a staff blogger. She gave away her secrets freely and included copies of her blogging job applications and blog post templates that helped her write one killer post after another.

Two years later, she has released an updated and expanded version of her course and renamed it The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing.

The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing teaches you everything related to blogging for other people. It

  • Helps you find your first job
  • Shows you how to write an application that gets accepted
  • Lists the best job boards for bloggers
  • Teaches you how to write, format and upload your posts
  • Coaches you on how to market yourself through your blog and social media network

The Good

What I liked best about this new version is the additional content about:

Terms & Payments of your blogging job

Instead of telling you that you’re the only one who can decide what rates are acceptable to you like many people do, she gives you a figure. Anything less than that figure is not worth your time.

She tells it like it is and doesn’t mince word.

She clarifies the different payment terms editors might set, talks about the preferred mode of payments and what being paid per hour instead of per post might mean for you.

Blog post templates

This is by far the best section of the ebook for me. Ali has listed the different types of posts you can write for a blog and then given templates that you can use. These templates are used by Ali herself and have been approved time and again by various blog editors.

Her posts always get accepted, which is a clear indication of how well these templates work!

Detailed instructions on how to organize your job applications and posts

I’m not a good organizer. Everything gets dumped in one folder and every couple of months, if I have the time, I organize it. Ali’s way of organizing your application and posts is simple and effective. All it takes is a folder and a spreadsheet.

Further Reading

Ali’s products always have a further reading section that you can explore if you want to learn more abouta particular chapter or topic. I��ve found this feature so useful that I included it in my own ebook.

So if you want to know more about writing for the web, not only does she have an entire chapter dedicated to it, but also links to some great resources that teach you how to do so in her Further Reading section at the end of the ebook.

The Not So Good

The one fault I found with the ebook was in the packaging. All the extra material (work sheets, sample emails, excel sheets, blog templates etc) is not available separately for printing. The information is all there but inside the ebook, nestled between the related chapters.

I wish they were available as separate files for printing and easy reference.

Verdict: Buy it or you’ll be missing out!

The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing is a great product. It informs, teaches and provides you with all the tools needed for you to succeed as a freelance blogger.

If you’re interested in working as a freelance blogger, or making money from blogging, then this ebook is a must buy for you. Even if you’re already working as a staff blogger for websites and clients, you’ll be putting yourself way ahead of the competition by following Ali’s advice.

Get your copy of The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing today and turbo charge your blogging career while earning money from it at the same time!


I asked Ali if she would offer a discount to The Writing Base readers and she agreed!

If you use the code “TWBreader” (without the quotes), when buying The Blogger’s Guide to Freelancing, you’ll get $5 off the original price. So instead of $29 for this great ebook, you’ll be paying $24.

How cool is that?

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