Review: Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

New freelance writers are often so busy trying to make ends meet that they forget to do the one thing that is guaranteed to grow their business. They don’t invest in their business.

When I was contacted by AWAI (American Writer’s and Artist’s Inc.) to review their course, I jumped at the chance. I’d already read Laura Spencer‘s review and trusted her judgement. I wasn’t disappointed!

AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is a comprehensive course that will teach you the basics of copywriting, get you started and make sure that by the end of it, you have all the skills needed to make a success of your copywriting careers.

When I say this course is comprehensive, I mean there’s no way you can digest all that info in 6 weeks – unless you study for a solid two hours every day. You’ll definitely start earning in 6 weeks but this course is so in depth that it will continue to teach you for a long, long time.

The biggest selling point for me as I went through the course was the access to so many copywriting experts. While Michael Masterson is a big part of it, he’s not the only one sharing his experience, secrets and insights. It’s been created by several other successful copywriters who have either learned from Michael or worked with him. They’ve all collected their knowledge and revealed their copywriting secrets to help you earn more through direct sales copywriting.

The one thing that these master copywriters drill into you is that you don’t have to be a gifted writer to be earn 6 figures as a copywriter. Then they go on to prove it throughout the course.

Stuff I liked about this course

What I best liked about this course was the examples, case studies and exercises included in this course. They don’t just teach you theory, they give you practical exercises too. For a show then tell learner like me, this course was just perfect!

But that’s not all. With the course, you get access to AWAI’s extensive site and community. They hold regular webinars, release reports and post copywriting jobs.

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to up their copywriting game. There is serious money in copywriting. Why stumble around for years trying to make it on your own when a little guidance can put you on the right track in just a few weeks?

The Downside of this course

The downside of this course is the same as it’s upside. Because this course is so comprehensive (13 chapters equalling 518 pages + writing exercises + bonus webinar and reports) it can be too overwhelming to go through.

To overcome that, my advice is to read the introductory chapter thoroughly and make notes. Then skim through the rest and keep jotting down notes on areas you want to concentrate on or learn more about.

Whether you finish this course or just study a few lessons, you’re going to learn enough to drastically improve your work and start earning more. And if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the course, AWAI offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Are you ready to take your freelancing to the next level?

So take a look at your freelancing business. Does it need an investment that will reap you benefits and rewards within a few weeks? I’m willing to bet it does.

To find out more about the AWAI’s Program For Six-Figure Copywriting you can go to their sales page or read their testimonials.

Just remember, buying the course alone won’t make you money. You have to put in the time and effort to study the material, do the exercises and keep practicing. This isn’t a onetime investment – it’s a life time’s.

Are you ready to invest in your freelancing business and enter the big leagues?

P.S: The price for this course is $497 and they have an easy payment plan as well. But if you buy the entire course in one go, you get a $100 off.

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