How To Follow up With a Prospective Client

As a a freelance writer you’ll be receiving replies to the emails you send out to prospective clients along with getting queries about your work from prospective clients.

Sounds cool huh? Getting work queries without having to apply. Trust me, it doesn’t happen that often.

When it does happen though, chances are they’re not gonna get back to you after you reply. Try not to take it to heart though. It’s not you, it’s them.

Actually, it’s the other freelancer. The one who got the job.

Now what do you do?

Do you mourn and move on? Yes, you mourn. You caught the client’s eye but couldn’t keep them interested. But no, you don’t move on. Not yet.

Send a Follow up Email

Wait 5 working days, and then send them a follow up email. Simply remind them they contacted you about the position, and you’d like to know if they’ve come to a decision. Finish by asking them to let you know what their decision was.

Sample Copy Of Follow-Up Email

This is a very simple email template that I use for my follow up emails. I simply modify them according to each client and situation.

Dear _______,
We exchanged emails on [Date] about a [writing/blogging/whatever] position for [company/website name].
Since I haven’t heard back from you after our initial contact I was wondering if you’re still interested in hiring me as your [insert position] or if you’ve decided to hire someone else.
Please let me know in either case.
[Email Signature]

That’s it. Now you can move on. If they reply, you’ve accomplished your goal. If they don’t, you’ve already made your peace.

But wait! Why is it so important to follow up? Because they’re going to need another freelancer some day and you’re going to apply again.

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