5 Reasons Freelancers Accept Low – Paying Work And How To Break Free Of Them

Low-paying work is a reality for many freelancers—and probably is or has been for you too. It certainly was mine for a long time.

Come to think of it, I don’t know any freelancer who started out at the top of the freelancing pay scale. I do know plenty who started at the bottom though!

Unfortunately, I also know plenty who’re still stuck writing for low pay. If you aren’t, then you definitely know someone who is. Having spent time in the low-paying rut myself, and having talked to freelancers who still are, I’ve realized there are five reasons freelancers accept low-paying work—even when they don’t want to.

1. Lack of experience

Freelancers with little or no experience are insecure. They don’t have any samples worth writing home about or former clients to vouch for them. How will they convince someone to pay more for their work?

The key here is not to think in terms of experience but in terms of providing value.

To be honest, it’s a rare freelancer who isn’t intimidated by his or her lack of experience. I was so intimidated I wrote my first article for $5!

It wasn’t long after I saw the results my clients were getting from my writing that I realized I should be paid more.

Pay attention to the results your clients get from your writing. And when those results reflect favourably towards you, move in and ask for a raise. Use those results to convince prospective clients (and yourself!) that your increased rates are worth it.

2. Lack of samples

Lack of samples isn’t as big a problem as lack of ‘usable’ samples is. Many freelancers start off by writing for content mills (I did too), which leads to all their samples being written for content mills.

That’s not something we want to advertise to prospective clients.

Getting usable samples is not the mountain we make it out to be though. It’s very simple to get writing samples. It’s as simple as starting your own blog, guest posting on other blogs, and doing pro bono work.

For more ideas on getting samples, read 5 Simple Ways To Get Writing Samples When You Don’t Have Any

3. Lack of clients

If you’ve been writing exclusively for content mills, you probably don’t have actual clients yet. You’re unsure of how to go about getting clients when all you have is mill work to your name. And let’s be honest, who respects mill work anyway?

The only thing you need to land actual clients are samples and we’ve already covered how to get them above.

Take a good look at your personal, professional and social networks. Have you made it clear that you’re a writer for hire? If not, it’s time to do so. Send out an email letting your contacts know about what you do. Create an email signature and let it tell people if you don’t want to toot your own horn. Create a writer website to refer to prospective clients and include an about, samples and hire me page.

4. Lack of confidence

A freelancer’s lack of confidence stems from their lack of experience and belief in their writing abilities.

Here’s something a client told me when describing his business’s unique selling point to me. He said, ‘No one else does what we do, like we do. No one else brings the exact combination of knowledge and expertise to the table that we do. No one else…’

So here’s the thing: No one writes like you do and no other writer brings the same set of writing skills that you do to the table.

In short, no one does it like you do.

5. Lack of vision

Another thing that keeps freelancer stuck in low paying writing gigs is a lack of vision. If you don’t know where your freelance writing business is going, you won’t know what to do to move forward.

Do you even think of your freelancing as a business?

Figure out what you want to achieve with your freelancing, where you want it to go and how much you want to earn. Having clear goals and a vision of where you want to be will give you the added boost you need to break free from low-paying writing gigs.

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