5 Guaranteed Ways to Fall (Back) in Love With Freelancing

If you’ve been freelancing for more than a few months, you’ve faced days where you wanted to bang your head against the wall at the thought of your freelance writing business.

Maybe you’re stuck writing about drainage pipes when you want to write about start-up businesses or you’ve taken on far too much work to make ends meet. Then there is the low paying but very demanding client(s) to deal with. Add a writer’s block to the mix and you’re left wondering why you ever thought you loved freelance writing in the first place!

The bad news is, days like these are inevitable. The good news is, there are ways you can fall back in love with freelance writing – without losing your mind.

1. Let go of your problem clients

Even though it seems simple enough, letting go of your problem clients is the toughest thing to do. Sure, you hate working for them but at least there’s steady income trickling in.

Here’s what also coming in: disenchantment, frustration and ultimately, writer’s block.

If you’re stuck writing for clients who are demanding, pay low rates and make you write about topics you have zero interest in (who wants to write about drainage pipes day in and out?), it’s time to let them go.

If your next question is ‘How?’, Freelance Switch suggests 5 Ways to Fire a Client with class.

Bad clients don’t deserve awesome freelance writers like you. So let them go and feel the relief of not having to dread your work days.

You’ll find yourself falling back in love with freelancing in no time at all.

2. Raise your rates

Are you stuck working for the same clients and writing about the same topics? Then it’s time to raise your rates.

Not only does it automatically take care of your problem clients, it instantly boosts your motivation and attracts better paying clients.

Don’t believe me? Here are 7 Reasons Doubling Your Rates Doubles Success.

To quote the comment I left on the post

Most of the time, we’re the only ones who think our rates are high. Low paying clients automatically take themselves out of the running when they see rates they can’t or are unwilling to pay. Which only leaves clients who don’t think our rates are high.

It’s all in the mindset. You work your ass off to produce the best work you possibly can. You go out of your way to accommodate a client. You deserve higher rates.

3. Start working on your own projects

Let’s assume you’re being paid very competitive rates but you’re still writing about topics that don’t hold your interest. You don’t want to let this client go because they’re great to work with, pay on time and respect you as a freelancer.

Yet with every passing day, you can feel your enthusiasm wane till finally you dread starting work because you’ll have to work on the said client’s project.

Counter the lack of enthusiasm with a project that gets you excited. That makes you wish the day wouldn’t end or that morning would come earlier.

Every freelancer has a project in mind they want to work on. Don’t wait till you’re more established so you can afford to take some time off. Start working on it today.

Even if it’s just 30 minutes every day, working on your dream project will get your enthusiasm for freelance writing back up. And you know what? Writing about a topic you don’t enjoy won’t seem so terrible.

You never know, your own project might even make you enough money to eventually let this client go!

If you’re still not convinced on the benefits of working on your own projects, check out 6 Profitable Side Benefits of Making Your Own Products.

4. Brainstorm with other freelancers

Two minds are better than one. Frequent forums, network with other freelancer, and go out of your way to help them. And when you to start your own project or let a client go, they’ll be there to help you figure out how to do it.

Find a fellow freelancer who will tell you like it is. Someone who isn’t afraid tell you you’re running your business to the ground by continuing to work for dead beat clients.

Don’t forget to return the favor. That’s the fun par.

5. Blow your nose

Facing a writer’s block? Not getting anywhere with your project? Blow your nose and let your nostrils decide when your brain is ready to write.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I’ve used Tim Brownson’s suggestion of finding out when your brain is wired to write to successfully complete a project.

That ebook you see in the sidebar? The one you have to sign up to receive? It was written completely by following the nose blowing method. I managed to find the time to write 8000 words in a week.

Here’s how you do it. Lean over, hold down your left nostril and take a deep breath. Now do the same for the other. If the air blows more easily through the right nostril, your brain wants to work on analytical stuff. If it blows more easily through the right, your brain is primed for creativity. So start writing!

To find out exactly how this method works, head on over to Men with Pens to find out How to Know Which Task to Start First.

If you’ve been facing a particularly tough time with freelancing, these tips will help you get back on the right track. Remember, freelancing is a lot like being in a relationship. You have to work hard to keep the passion alive.

What do you do to keep your interest in freelancing alive? How do you get through the rough patches?

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