Setting up a New Blog on WordPress .

As time goes by, I keep thinking Sunday Link Overdose has got to be the ugliest titles ever to be given to a weekly post. So I’ve decided to group together links into themes whenever I can and categorize them into SLOD.

This week has been filled with new projects. I’m working on setting up a new blog. Domain, hosting, WordPress – the works.

I found the following links useful in my search to put together a blog that works from the beginning. After all, the amount of information available, its tough to sort through the ones that are actually useful.

  • The Docs page of is a haven of information and has a reference on all things WordPress. Excellent for beginners like me.
  • Want to monetize your blog by putting up ads? Read Blogging for Ads is Dead before carving out an monetising plan for your blog. It’s no longer enough to put up blocks of ads to earn money.
  • Once your blog’s set up – you need to start thinking about RSS. Smashing Magazines 10 Useful RSS Tricks and Hacks for WordPress will put you well ahead of the curve. A lot of big blogs haven’t paid much attention to how their RSS feeds look in a reader.

Setting up a blog on WordPress can be very intimidating for a first timer. Even their famous ‘5 minute installation’ can take hours if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ll forever be grateful for the automatic installation option provided by hosting companies.

Hopefully these links will better prepare you for setting up your blog the way you want.

Good luck!

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