Get Over Your Writer’s Block Now!

get-over-writers-blockWe spend more hours talking about writer’s block than we spend going through it. So I won’t be talking about it. I’ll be giving you three simple tools that help me get over my mental block.

One Word

One Word combines the two things that are guaranteed to make a writer’s fingers flying. A prompt and a time limit. The first time I clicked on ‘Go’, I was overwhelmed by the word and the ticking clock! My fingers started moving when there were only 20 seconds left.

Then I got mad and hit ‘Go’ again. Since then, I haven’t looked back. Every time I feel I can’t write, I head over to One Word. 

Try it. Only takes 60 seconds of your time. What have you got to lose?


You heard me. Whine to your heart’s content. You’ll be typing so feverishly you’d wish you could type faster to keep pace with your thoughts. 

Complain about your cat, your noisy neighbours or your dysfunctional muse. Just type it. Write curse words if they’re in your head. Just open your text editor and WHINE! 

I can guarantee that it will clear your head and your fingers won’t feel so locked and stiff anymore. 

Use Twitter Search

So you’ve whined and done 15 words at one word and yet you still don’t ‘feel’ it. The problem with you now isn’t a writer’s block. It’s a lack of topic. Twitter Search can easily take care of that issue. 

Scan your twitter feed to see what people are talking about. Find a topic you have an opinion on and send a replying tweet. Not only will you be gathering points for an article or blog post, you’ll be networking.

Also check the top trends in twitter search along with keeping an eye on the hashtags of the topic you’re interested in.

I’ve used twitter search for reasearch and differing opinions for an article I was stuck on and it helped tremendously! Not only did I find various views, but also prominent people I could quote in the article and stats to back up my views. 

Doesn’t get better than that now does it?

Samar is a freelance blogger, e-book writer and the voice behind this blog. She loves her kid, her work and helping freelance writers break free from low paying writing gigs and earn more .

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