Why You’re Not ‘Just’ a Freelance Blogger

Here’s the thing. You’re not just a freelance blogger

You’re also a content planner, proof reader, editor and in-house blog consultant.

If you come up with your own topics to blog about for your client, find yourself proofing and editing work other than your own and explaining different aspects of blogging and blog related marketing to your client, you’re all of the things mentioned above.

Knowingly or unknowingly, every freelance blogger I know wears these hats.

Here’s a question for you though:

Are you charging for the extra services you’re providing?

You do realize that those are extra services right?

I didn’t.

For the longest time I thought it was part and parcel of blogging for clients. It wasn’t long before the time I spent doing all these extra tasks started catching up on me. I was planning their content, even editing their work and answering any and all questions my clients had about their blog.

I was doing all this extra work, spending hours every week at no extra cost!

I’ll be honest, I loved being my client’s go to guy. I still do.

But I love being a freelancer more.

I now offer a blog content planning and blog editing service. Since neither of these services cost much, most of my clients choose to take them as well.

Not only is this good for my business but my clients are better off too. I no longer rush through these tasks but set time aside especially for them. More research goes into my creating a content plan and my edits now have detailed comments and suggestions.

Do you charge for the extra work that you regularly do for your clients?

Samar is a freelance blogger, e-book writer and the voice behind this blog. She loves her kid, her work and helping freelance writers break free from low paying writing gigs and earn more .

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