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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a freelance writer in possession of good writing skills will never be happy writing for content mills.

(If the above sentence sounds familiar, it’s because I stole it from Jane Austen and… modified it 😉 Brownie points to whoever guesses which novel it’s from!)

Writing for content mills is no one’s dream job. Granted, content mill writing taught me some important freelancing skills but all in all, it was a suffocating relationship.

Ever since I got past my fear and told the world (through a guest post) about my content mill writing origins, I’ve been shocked at how many writers are in the same boat I was.

They say the exact same things I was saying. I have

  • No experience
  • No samples
  • No referrals or testimonials

Who’s going to hire me?

I remember being this close to pulling my hair one day after I’d read another post on how I needed to quite writing for content mills right now.

Then I wanted to smack the blogger silly.

Stop telling me why I need to stop writing for them and tell me how to do it.

How do I break free from them? How do I convince a client to hire me when that client is convinced that my work is inferior because the only experience I have is of writing for content mills?

It took a long time and lots of trials and errors before I broke free from them. But I managed to do it.

You can break free from content mills too.

I created the Break Free from Content Mills email course to help freelance writers who are stuck writing for content mills.

This email course is my response to the gazillion freelance writers out there who’re asking the same question I was.

If you’re desperate to break free from content mills, work with a real client and earn more, then Break Free is exactly what you need.

Ready to break free from low paying content mills?

If you’ve had it with content mills and are desperate to break free, this course is for you. Click on the link below to see the course overview, read what other freelancers are saying about it and of  course, to sign up!

Click here –> Break Free From Content Mills

Samar is a freelance blogger, e-book writer and the voice behind this blog. She loves her kid, her work and helping freelance writers break free from low paying writing gigs and earn more .

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