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The Writing Base offers rock solid tips for your freelance writing success.

Not only do you get an industry insider’s perspective on building your writing business from the ground up, you’ll learn how to effectively manage your time, your client relationships, and your online reputation.

This blog is for you if you’re so frustrated with the state of your freelance business that you feel like pulling your hair out. Every. Single. Day.

The Base shows you how to freelance smarter, write better, earn more and ultimately live a better life.

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My name is Samar (Pronounced ‘Summer’) Owais and I’ve been a freelance writer and blogger since 2008. I’m also the voice behind this blog and the one responsible for all the awesomeness around here.

Here are a few interesting facts about me:

  • I started off as a freelance writer but have now transitioned to a freelance blogger.
  • I live in Dubai—have since 2008.
  • I have a two year old daughter I affectionately (and sometimes not so affectionately) call The Spawn.
  • I was born, bred and brought up in Pakistan
  • As you can probably tell from my picture, I observe Hijab. To put it simply, it means I wear a headscarf.
  • English is NOT my second language. It’s my first. I learned to speak, read and write English at the same time as my native language.
  • My taste in music ranges from the John Denver, Frank & Nancy Sinatra to… The Black Eyed Peas.

Having freelanced since 2008, I’ve experience all the highs and lows of this business:

  • Starting with content mills, getting stuck writing for pennies and eventually breaking free from them.
  • Working nights, weekends, and even holidays trying to earn a decent living.
  • Going through weeks of self-doubt and months of low-paying work till I figured out that my own fears were holding me back.
  • Gradually establishing my freelance business and setting my own rates.
  • Finding my freelance writing business’s happy medium.

All this has led me to create an ecourse for freelancers who’re stuck in the same situation I was. Find out how you can break free from low-paying writing gigs and earn more.

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How to contact me

You can contact me through the contact page, Twitter (@samarowais) or my personal email. I reply within one business day. Sooner if you tweet to let me know you’ve emailed me.

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